**WIN** Woof Wear LIME Club boots

on May 12, 2017

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  • — Posted by Kristy 295 days ago

    I would love to win these to go along with my purple and white pair!! We use them for our dressage training and love the comfort and style!! Also they are my first choice in boot brand!

  • — Posted by Sophia Anderson 295 days ago

    I am a massive fan of your boots with club brushing boots and smart tendon & fetlock boots. My xc colours are green so they will match perfectly as I currently just have the black ones!

  • — Posted by Jade Newman 296 days ago

    My horse would absolutely love them, he likes to stand out!

  • — Posted by Kristy Brown 296 days ago

    I would love to win so that I can give them to my lovely friend Jayne for her horse as she deserves a lovely treat

  • — Posted by SHIRLEY GILES 296 days ago

    How lovely! yes please

  • — Posted by HAYLEY TURNER 297 days ago

    Fantastic prize

  • — Posted by shane weir 302 days ago

    Size 6 please

  • — Posted by Sarah Kenny 303 days ago

    What a fab bright colour

  • — Posted by Katarina Goczova 303 days ago

    Thank you for the chance!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!

  • — Posted by Gemma williamson 303 days ago

    Harold would love to try these to be bright and seen, safe on those dreary or sunny days when out! these could go towards his collection of amazing Woof Wear boots he has in black for show jumping, white for dressage and many other line green would be perfect for our hacking! Thanks!! Gemma

  • — Posted by Liz Slade 303 days ago

    Green is mine and Tamianths xc colours for our Wobbleberrie Challenge. Due my injury we won't be completing it until 2018.

  • — Posted by Megan Seedhouse 303 days ago

    Would love these to add to my collection on woof wear brushing boots.

  • — Posted by Lisa 303 days ago

    What a lovely thing to do. I would love to win these for my daughter Abigail and her new horse stella. Thank you for the opportunity Lisa Wade

  • — Posted by Janice 303 days ago

    they look so lovely and I would love to win them

  • — Posted by Rich Tyler 304 days ago

    I'd love to win, if only to put a smile on my wifes face & her horse! ;P

  • — Posted by Emily T 305 days ago

    Woof Boots are my absolute favourites!! And green is my color! Woof boots are great for my horse Fancy because her legs are so sensitive that these don't rub:) Fancy would definitely love to win these💚

  • — Posted by Abi Bulley 306 days ago

    Would absolutely love to win these boots for my hubby and his gorgeous new boy Splash. Splash is a huge baby at 4 years old and nearly 17hh! They have just started a bit of schooling and hacking, and at times he becomes a little close in front. These would help perfectly and match his WW over reach Boots. Good luck everyone and thanks Woof Wear xx

  • — Posted by Nikki Bolt 306 days ago

    I love all things lime green and my naughty pony looks amazing in it - but all my riding mates hate it so wearing anything in lime always makes me doubly happy to ride out with them! 😉

  • — Posted by Jay Millward 306 days ago

    It's our colour! and we love Woof Wear products Jay & Rupert 🐴🍀

  • — Posted by Mike hadden 306 days ago

    I like to win something ... men normally don't