**WIN** Woof Wear LIME Club boots

on May 12, 2017

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  • — Posted by Rosie Kinneir 306 days ago

    My Woof brushing boots are now some 20 years old and are beginning to show signs of wear! Would love a new pair please. Many thanks.

  • — Posted by Belind hawken 306 days ago

    Would love to win these boots for my sister! She's got a slight obsession with the new lime green colour for her young appaloosa and would be a perfect match to go with her new numnah which she's getting for her birthday! Only ever use woof wear boots (mainly because they're the only brand to fit my giant!) but also because they're so versatile and can be used for anything!

  • — Posted by Leia Massey 306 days ago

    I would love to win these, my xc colours are green, and all my horses have matchy green items. The only thing i am missing is brushing boots! 💚💚

  • — Posted by Milly Bradley 306 days ago

    These are so colourful, they would look lovely on my pony! x

  • — Posted by Luisa Daye 306 days ago

    I'd LOVE to win these for my little mare's first season. I've been looking for lime green boots as something a bit different (which will make Iva easy for my friends to see when I fall off!) and these fit the bill perfectly :)

  • — Posted by Pauline Hill 306 days ago

    yes please

  • — Posted by Catherine Boyd 307 days ago

    I would love a pair of these, my faithful set of club boots are now ten years old. Still perfectly useable but it would be wonderful to have a standby pair available and these would be perfect for hacking out and would give me a great excuse to buy the new le mieux lime pad which it looks like will match perfectly 😂

  • — Posted by Alysha Bowles 307 days ago

    I'd love them as they look really nice and my horse would look so smart in them 🖤

  • — Posted by Paige Tomlinson 307 days ago

    Would love to win these as I've just bought a lime saddle pad and would match perfectly!💚

  • — Posted by Tom Baines 307 days ago

    great boots and have always wanted some, daughter got some last year for her birthday

  • — Posted by Michelle Hartley 307 days ago

    My daughters horse would appreciate these as he tripped on landing at a hunter trial a few weeks ago & we will now be taking extra care of him as he winded himself & was flat out on top of the rider for some time!

  • — Posted by Vikki weaver 307 days ago

    I would love to win please because I've had a succession of bad luck with my horses (2 kissing spine, 1 Cushings & laminitis & 1 with wobblers) but finally I have a new horse coming on loan to cheer me up & I need all new kit! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • — Posted by Lynzi Worth 307 days ago

    Because I'm just as worthy as anyone else, I work hard, spend all money on horses and these boots would be amazing!

  • — Posted by Steph Martin 307 days ago

    I would love to win a pair of the lime green boots, I'm sure my horse would love some funky boots for hacking and jumping this summer!

  • — Posted by Jamie lee ball 307 days ago

    Myself and the boy are massive fans of these boot..... Our favourite being the Zebra ones. I think he would definitely rock these tho. Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞

  • — Posted by Sarah Pickering 307 days ago

    I've always used woof wear boots and would love a lime pair for my mare Ziggy, great for hacking out and standing out from the crowd

  • — Posted by Chris Hale 307 days ago

    Matchy Matchy - these boot will complement my 14 year old daughter's lime green saddle cloth and her lime green hoodie who looks amazing when riding her black Welsh Cob! Definitely the colour of the moment!

  • — Posted by Keren keenan 307 days ago

    I have used your boots for years both for work and turnout and they last for ages ! I use plain black so how groovy would these look on my my big grey beastie! X

  • — Posted by Taryn 307 days ago

    Would absolutely love to win a pair of these for my mare! She was off last summer with a broken splint, so I'm always a little paranoid about leg protection, but feel at ease if i know I've got a pair of woof wear boots on! My pairs are getting a little scruffy now though - so would love a new pair in my favourite colour green! 💚🍀🍀

  • — Posted by Sharon Cooknell 307 days ago

    Would LOVE to win these to go with with my recently acquired lime pad & ears set. Woof Boots always fit so well & never slip. My first choice every time 😊🐴