**WIN** Woof Wear LIME Club boots

on May 12, 2017

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  • — Posted by stuart hargreaves 307 days ago

    no particular reason, I just would like a pair.

  • — Posted by Sharon Hodges 307 days ago

    Yes please I would love a pair of these boots

  • — Posted by Morgan Lussier 307 days ago

    I think my horse, Ben, and I should win these boots because lime green is out event color and it would add to all our green out on course, in stadium, and when schooling at home!

  • — Posted by Monica Russell 307 days ago

    My bay mare would look even more fantastic wearing these and she needs protection on her wonderful legs no legal no horse.

  • — Posted by Hannah Burridge 307 days ago

    I have 4 pairs of wood wear brushing boots and I think they are fantastic!! Bertie would love a new pair of colour popping boots as his others are a tad plain 😂 New excuse to buy a matching numnah.... 👀👀👀

  • — Posted by Miriam hopper 307 days ago

    I love Woofwear boots, and after having a set of club boots for over 10 years, it's time to replace them for new ! I'd love these gorgeous green I want, so will keep everything crossed 🍀

  • — Posted by Sarah Penney 307 days ago

    I would love to win a pair of these for my boy Harry as he currently has to share his sisters PINK woofwear brushing boots and I think he finally deserves his very own masculine colour boots! I also believe the gorgeous lime colour will look very striking on him as he's 17hh and grey 💚

  • — Posted by Hannah Graham 307 days ago

    I think the reason why I would win is : my mare needs brushing boots but her current ones are falling apart😂 I'm in need of new ones and my mum won't buy me them and I have no money. Also my mate is black so they will look so good on her 💚💚

  • — Posted by Lauren edgeworth 307 days ago

    Would love to win these for my gorgeous ginga ninja, vino, hes coming back into proper work after a while off due to eye surgery. These would compliment his colour perfectly. Thanks. 😊

  • — Posted by Izzy Lane 307 days ago

    Wow this are so lovely and I would be honoured to be one of the three chosen people! I have a got a lovely set of wood wear boots for turnout but these ones would be lovely for exercising in!! 💚💚

  • — Posted by Emma Barbery 307 days ago

    Yes please love my woof wear boots they're just fab and look amazing even after multiple washes!!

  • — Posted by Karen brown 307 days ago

    I would love to win these for my lovely 25 yo happy hacker who has recently started brushing so really needs these boots. He is my daughters old pc horse who I have taken over for hacking & fun rides.

  • — Posted by rachel jordan 307 days ago

    Love the Woof Club Boots for my horses as there is no binding to rub their legs, yet no need to sacrifice on the protection provided! Green looks fabulous on my chestnut section D so this would be a super prize to win :)

  • — Posted by Caroline wills 307 days ago

    Would love these for the pickerty witch pony to make her stand out in a crowd

  • — Posted by Rachael Lewis 307 days ago

    I absolutely love these boots, I've a soft shell jacket in exactly the same colour to use on my ID x Connemara mare, and these would be matchy matchy perfection!!. I own a fair few woof wear products, with your short lace up boots being a firm favourite of mine. for riding, walking the dog or just mucking out and mooching around the yard 🙂

  • — Posted by Susan Jagerski 307 days ago

    Woof Wear is the only boots that my Noah will tolerate and the lime would look awesome on his greyness! He's quite particular about his appearance and loves to be noticed and they are sure to get him quite the look. 😎

  • — Posted by Bryony Hutchinson 307 days ago

    I'd love to win your boots of lime My horse would wear them all the time Whether hacking out, working in the school Or just in the field being a fool! So pick us please, its only fair That my horse gets to sport Woof Wear 😂

  • — Posted by Stephan Heaton 307 days ago

    I love woofwear products and the green would look great on my chestnut horse while out and about :-)

  • — Posted by Melodie 307 days ago

    Sands would look lush in lime!

  • — Posted by Grace Marriott 307 days ago

    These boots look amazing and would go with my xc colours! I only have one pair of ww riding boots for my pony and desperate for another pair! 💚💚💚