**WIN** Woof Wear LIME Club boots

on May 12, 2017

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  • — Posted by Sam 307 days ago

    Would love to win these for my big girl she is very special and would match her headcoller and new numnah.

  • — Posted by Georgina day 307 days ago

    I would love to win these pair of boots! I'm part of a big dressage competition yard and nothing is my own..everything gets shared around or taken! So I would love to own these vibrant pair of boots so I can make sure no one can get caught wearing them!! I love my white & black pairs of woof brushing boots, the best boots around!!

  • — Posted by Chloe morcom 307 days ago

    Chloe and her new pony would love these as she starts the coming seasons on pandora's charm please pimp her ride with new lime club Thankyou.

  • — Posted by Emma Reeves 307 days ago


  • — Posted by Jenna Wilson 307 days ago


  • — Posted by Julie Sinclair 307 days ago

    Just bought a new horse , very excited to get her out competing and doing fun stuff... its been some time..I have ben so busy organising stuff for other people as I am chairlady for a local riding club ..... shes a very orange chestnut and lime green will look fabulous on her. Thanks WW

  • — Posted by Nikki Lange 307 days ago

    Amazing colour! I've just got back to riding my horse after being unable to ride consistently for the past 6 years. It's a new start for both of us and he desperately needs some new boots, lime green could well be our new colour scheme after seeing these boots!

  • — Posted by Joanne lumb 307 days ago

    I would love to win these for my daughter so she can match them with her lime green XC kit!

  • — Posted by Alexandra Sdhyon 307 days ago

    My lad had surgery in October and we are now out hacking again , he's been so good through boxrest and rehab he could do with a treat . Plus this awesome colour would look fab on a dark bay x

  • — Posted by Dr Ebony Escalona 307 days ago

    I have an ace exracer @londonracehorse who is the pin up for @thebrookecharity campaign my hackathon. So, one working horse helping others across the globe! Retraining in the school and out on Hampstead heath he always dons his brushing boots! Lime time would suit Francis Albert down to a T. He thinks he is a London Hipster

  • — Posted by Cathy Casey 307 days ago

    I would love to win these #limeclub boots for my horse Bo because Woof Wear is the only boots and over reach boots that don't rub him! His current club boots are looking very worn, and would love to win these for the eventing season! I think they will also be great for hacking too round our Devon lanes! Fingers crossed!

  • — Posted by Diana Boughton 307 days ago

    I'd like to win some wonderful Woof boots to protect my RSPCA rescue horse, Shower. He had a tough start in life and now deserves to be protected !

  • — Posted by Kirsty Clackworthy 307 days ago
    I would love to win a pair of these boots as my last 2 pairs of woof wear boots lasted one days hunting each. I also had a poultice boot which lasted 6 hrs 😣 I seem to be very unlucky with woof wear boots. A new pair would be hugely appreciated by my big grey beast 😍
  • — Posted by Tamsin Bunt 307 days ago

    I've recently took up blogging to document how i got my confidence back, trials and tribulations of a first time horse owner and to follow our progress. We recently retired from the competitive side of endurance and i need that kick up the bum to get out and have some more jumping fun with the boy (Monty)

  • — Posted by Ali Phillips 307 days ago

    Please enter me to win the Lime club boot. Thank you

  • — Posted by Beth Roberts 307 days ago

    I'd love to win a pair of these for my boy. We love a bit of matchy & these would look great with a bright pad, they'd be great for hacking too. 😀 🐴

  • — Posted by Amy Bowden 307 days ago

    I would love to win these boots as they long standing the best boots on the market. We are stabled near a very busy road so would to stand out in the crowd , be safe , be seen ! 💙

  • — Posted by Lynn Combes 307 days ago

    These brushing boots would look great on my grey horse. I am currently not able to ride due to a broken wrist so winning these would help cheer me up.

  • — Posted by Emily Daniel 307 days ago

    My horse would love to be flicking his toes in these Lime boots! Fingers crossed we win!

  • — Posted by Kathryn Barnard 307 days ago

    I want to win these so I can give them to my friend Gemma. Lime green is her absolute favourite colour, and the colour her horses always wear. SHe deserves these because she was diagnosed a couple of years ago with Ehlers Danlos syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Her hips and knees dislocate when she is riding, and she was on the point of giving up altogether. But she didn't, she decided that no disease was going to beat her, despite what her GP said, and after lots of physio she is back riding again, and even back doing endurance riding. She is such an inspiration, and I know she would absolutely love these boots.