**WIN** Woof Wear LIME Club boots

on May 12, 2017

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  • — Posted by Emma Bailey 307 days ago

    I would love to win these boots for my friesian nero, hes in the process of being backed and hes never put a foot wrong and these boots would be perfect for him and i love to colour😍 Fingers,toes & hooves crossed

  • — Posted by Charlie Allan 307 days ago

    I would love to win a pair of lime WW brushing boots for my handsome boy Indy who is a black British sports horse. Lime is our favourite colour and the boots would match perfectly with our lime and grey saddlepad and fly veil!! If we were lucky enough to to win the boots we would love to send you a picture to show them off in action! Thank you!

  • — Posted by Sian Wilson 307 days ago

    I would love to win these as they would be perfect for my mare. We are just getting back into jumping as my confidence took a bit of a knock and she has everything in green so these are the ideal colour for her. So she would look amazing and have some added protection.

  • — Posted by Abi Spiller 307 days ago

    Lime green is my fave colour (next to bright orange of course)

  • — Posted by Amber Rhodes 307 days ago

    I would love to win a pair of your lime green boots for my black beauty coz he will look fab in them & he always looks after me🍀🍀🍀🍀 Liked n shared with all my horsey friends😀

  • — Posted by Sarah Lee 307 days ago

    there once was a horse who would lurve some lime boots, indeed he deserves to be not covered in grime but resplendent in lime, if only woof wear would could observe his verve

  • — Posted by Jill Fowler 307 days ago

    Would love to win these boots! Woof wear are the only boots that fit my show cob, Toby properly. Toby is a bit of a show off so would love to stand out from the crowd with these fab lime boots 😍

  • — Posted by Louise Sullivan 307 days ago

    Love this colour!!!

  • — Posted by Louise Allen 307 days ago

    I'd love to win a pair of your Lime Green Club Boots for my mare. I'd love to win because i've used WoofWear for years now and i trust your brand so much and love every one of you products. The lime green will also match our lime green le miuex pad and also will be lovely and bright when i hack after work! Thanks for taking the time to read this and i wish everyone the best of luck!

  • — Posted by Rachael Bryce 307 days ago

    I LOVE your brushing boots! They're hard wearing and last ages! I'd adore a pair of Lime ones to add to my obsession! 😍

  • — Posted by Lisa Donovan 307 days ago

    I think I should win as my horse ollie is a bit clumsy with his legs and woof boots would give him the best protection he needs and he would look devine in lime .

  • — Posted by Sophie Cain 307 days ago

    I would love to win this boots as they look great and will really stand out. I have two pairs of the WW reflective boots that we hack out in an 2 pairs of navy WW brush boots that we use SJ and eventing they are all such fab quality we would love another pair to be able to hack out in.

  • — Posted by Holly Sturdy 307 days ago

    I've have a plain black pair for years and they're just about to start wearing away so a lovely bright new pair would be fantastic!!

  • — Posted by Stephanie Henderson 307 days ago

    I would love to win a set of Lime Time brushing boots, I think they would look great and summery on my appaloosa gelding. He is currently a bit bored with no team chasing to do until autumn so I'm sure these would brighten his summer hacking.

  • — Posted by Liz Ford 307 days ago

    Having been brought up with Woof Wear boots being the best, this has always stayed with me. They do what they're intended for but also last for years because of the quality. It would be fantastic to win these as my current set of woof wear boots are now needing replacing, but also being in bright colours will be brilliant for hacking out with!