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The Wonderful Ebony

Uploaded by Vicky Rowe

Wednesday 19th April 2017

I must share the wonderful story of this beautiful girl. Ebony is 24 years young, but she certainly does not act like it, and to look at her you wouldn't believe that a few years ago she was facing an uncertain future with both hind legs broken !!!!! after a kick from a field mate. Lots of love and TLC got her well but it was decided that she should retire, her last set of shoes were taken off and set into the concrete outside of her stable. Ebony had very different ideas! She is most definitley Queen of her yard , and didnt take well to retired life, regularly protesting a not being allowed out with her other 3 field friends. Gary , Storm and Lola. it was decided we would take the lead from her and if she wanted to work she coud, even if she managed a gentle walk around the block every so often, She soon showed her true colours, loving life back in work, keeping up with the younger horses, enjoying a good fast canter around the local tracks, She has even managed a few small jumps, I've been very lucky to be offered the ride on her to help keep her fit,and you honestly wouldn't believe her age or history, she certainly goes to show injuries do not always mean the end of the fun. Ebony certainly enjoys growing old disgracefully ( after a few tank offs with her jockey) but she is loving life and we love her for it