Poron Xrd

PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection has been harnessed by Woof Wear to provide the ultimate protective material for our horses because it is the best repeated impact absorption material available and we know you want the best for your horse.

So what is Protection On Demand?

PORON XRD Technology has produced a high performance foam, that offers the best protection from repeated shock absorption. When something comes into high speed contact with the foam PORON XRD immediately firms creating a protective shield that absorbs the impact. It then returns to its submissive state remaining comfortable and non confining throughout. The PORON XRD Protection difference is especially apparent at high speed impact. The soft contouring material instantly dissipates force upon impact absorbing up to 90% of energy at high speed impact.


PORON® XRD™ Material gets its softness when at rest, when stressed at a high rate or impacted quickly, the material reaches the point when the urethane momentarily "freezes" - like water freezing into ice. When this happens, the material firms to form a comfortable protective shell that shields the horse from impact better than any other protective foams currently available on the market.

PORON® XRD™   Materials will not break down and will take hit after hit after hit and never become compromised.

PORON XRD Materials work in even the thinnest dimensions resulting in amazing flexibility, breathability and comfort. It is very smooth and can be molded to the contours of the horses’ leg, eliminating the need for excessively chunky and rigid styles and ensuring a more customized fit. Nobody wants to sacrifice style and comfort when it comes to your protective gear and you don’t have to. PORON XRD Technology means you get the best protection in a lightweight material that can replace bulkier, non-conformable pads.

Let’s face it, horses knock themselves from time to time, whatever discipline we choose and when you’re risking it all, your protective boots have to be second to none. PORON XRD protection consistently outperforms other protective material, both in energy absorption and endurance. In exhaustive, high stress product performance testing, sports participants are finding that PORON XRD Technology is superior in both protection and comfort. The impressive performance testing results back up what we know: when you need the best protection possible, make sure you’re covered by PORON XRD.