Is your tail guard long enough?

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By on January 24, 2011

As you probably know tail guards are designed to protect our horses' tailbone as well as the tail hair from any damage during transport (or in the stable). Especially if your horse tends to lean back against the crossbar or side wall in the lorry it needs extra protection to avoid injuries of the tail or damage of the hair.

It is important that your tail guard is long enough to ensure complete protection by covering the full length of the tail bone. Having discovered that most tail guards on the market do not protect all of the tail we have designed our tail guard to be extra long in order to provide as much protection as possible to the delicate vertebrae and hair from above top of the tail right to the end of the dock.  

Being firm enough to prevent sagging, at the same time tail guards should be as soft and flexible as possible in order to be comfortable for the horse to wear. In addition you should also always make sure the tail guard has not been put on too tight to avoid cutting off circulation in your horse’s tail.

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