Fonte Verde is Committed to the Environment

We believe that products should be made with consideration for the environment.

We also believe the most environmentally friendly product is one that has a long life, travels the shortest distance and uses materials that are as friendly to the planet as possible.

Fonte Verde has developed its collection with the environment in mind. We are not perfect, but we try to minimise the environmental impact.

Our commitments to help the planet are listed below.


Single use plastic

The problem:

Single use plastics are not biodegradeable, and they are choking our oceans and rivers.

Fonte Verde’s Commitment

Fonte Verde use no single use plastics. It’s packaging is 100% recyclable.


Responsible Sourcing

The problem:

Some factories around the world provide cheap materials at a huge cost to the environment.

Fonte Verde’s Commitment

Fonte Verde visits every factory to ensure they have good environmental and human practices.

Fonte Verde sources all its leather from Europe to avoid the Leather tanning factories in Asia which are particularly bad polluters.