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Horse Boots

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Stable Boot


Woof Wear’s Stable boots can be used in the stable or when travelling as a convenient alternative to bandaging.

The removable wicking liners are great for drying wet legs.

£16.66 excl VAT £37.49 excl VAT

Wicking Boot Liner


Woof Wear’s Wicking Boot liners are designed to wick moisture away from legs to keep your horse warm and dry.

Designed to be used in Woof Wear’s Stable Boots or Bioceramic boots.

£7.49 excl VAT £16.66 excl VAT

Bioceramic Stable Boot


Woof Wear’s Bioceramic boots harness the healing properties of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to promote aid recovery.

The boots can be used for healing or to warm joints before exercise

£20.82 excl VAT £49.99 excl VAT