Date: Thursday 25th August 2016

The Rio Olympics are all over and what a superb summer of sport we have had.

The eventers went out first with team GB doing an impressive job putting them into 4th place after the dressage, the cross country on day two proved a rather challenging course for many of the riders no matter how experienced they were. Day three saw the riders pull out some cracking showjumping rounds to bring them back up to 5th place overall.

Not quite where they were hoping to be, there seemed to be a lot of unncessasary apologies on social media, but what the team didn't realise was that everyone back at home was incredibly proud of what they had achieved. Flying your horses half way around the world and then asking them to tackle the incredibly challenging 3* course which asked questions usually found in a 4* is something that many of us can only dream of doing, whilst sat in the comfort of our own home.

We were of course incredibly proud of Woof Wear rider sponored rider Kitty King and Ceylor LAN "Nobody deserved their place on that team more than Kitty, having worked with her for over 10 years, it was amazing to see her finally achieve one of her dream goals." Ali Felton (Sales director)

Now its time to sit on the edge of our seats all over again as we cheer on the para olympic athletes.