Woof Wear Design

Woof Wear’s logo includes the strap line ‘Protection by Design’. 

This is not just another advertising slogan – it is Woof Wear’s commitment to the continuous design and development of products using cutting edge technology.

You can see how we carefully think about every product through the choice of materials and the inclusion of clever techniques – ranging from the ‘Release Profile Sole’ (patent pending) which aids rider safety to the concealed pocket in the suit bag to keep dressage tails crease free. We believe that even the smallest design features can turn a good product into a great one.

We use 3d Computer Aided Design to develop our horse boots and the latest 3d scanning techniques to create a library of ‘virtual’ horses legs in all shapes and sizes on a computer. This allows us to design the boot to fit different legs before we make the product. 

The result is a horse boot which gives optimum fit, comfort and protection.

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